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"I think it was just a mouse!"
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Sister Location really took a step up from the original games, and featured professional voice acting. This is the list of voice actors starring in the game.

Night 1- Shift Complete!

Some of the voice actors together.

Animatronic's Voice Actor

Heather Masters: Circus Baby & Ennard

Zehra Jane Naqvi: BidyBab, The Daughter, Ennard

Kellen Goff: Funtime Freddy

Andy Field: HandUnit

Michella Moss: Ballora

Brenda Joan Wong: Minireena 2 (Uncredited)

Becky Shrimpton: Bon-Bon

Jesse Adam: Angsty Teen

Cutscenes Voice Actors

Christopher McCullough: Vlad

PJ Heywood: William Afton (Opening Cutscene), Michael Afton (Michael Afton Cutscenes)

Amber Lee Connors: Clara

Jason Kappus: Technicians

Julie Shields: Female Computer Voice

Bob Barnes: The Immortal and The Restless Narrator

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