Hey guys!

So, I've been having to correct many pages to be feasible and reliable. I'm seeing a couple of rules being broken, so I'm just gonna remind everyone of a couple of rules:


I'm seeing a lot of people adding or changing information on a page based on their opinions, rather than fact. Remember, do not add anything you are not sure of. Either do not add it, or make it very vague as to not create misunderstanding. 


I'm seeing a few parts of pages that sound like they were written by 6 year olds. Please make sure the way you write things in general is up to standard. I'm seeing too many grammar and punctuation mistakes. Please check over them. If you're not sure how to correctly structure a sentence, please seek some literary education.

Alright, that's all for now. If you see anyone breaking these rules, please attempt to fix whatever mistake has been made and let me or any of the admins know. Thanks guys!

- Papa Crazy

EDIT: I apologize to who this may affect, but I have created an age limit to who can contribute to this wiki. You must be at least 12 years old to edit a page, although people under this age may still use the wiki. We'll see how this goes- if it creates any problems I can easily remove the rule. But for now, it's in the Rules and Guidelines. Contact me for any questions or queries. Any admins of this wiki, please contact me if you wish to change this rule or have a different idea. I'm always open for other ideas.

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