Hello everyone, as some of you may already know, I've filed for adoption for this wikia. Now the reason why I've done this was because that, in all honesty, some of you requested me to do it.

But here is the issue.

I'm not quite sure I want too anymore. I mean really, I don't like it when vandalism strikes this page, but is that really enough to keep me intrested in a wikia dedicated to 1 thing alone?

And that's basically what this is, a wikia for Sister Location. And while the game may still be fun, when everything is all said and done. When Everything is found and discovered and put on this site.

That's, it.

Game over, and that's probably why the original owner dipped out on this wikia in the first place.

(either that or the vandalizm was too much for them and they thought that they were WAY in over there head)

But what I'm trying to say is, Scott isn't going to work on Sister Location forever, we all know this to be true. Once the Custom Night update is in play, that's it until the movie (or the second book if that releases first, or if Scott decieds to ever make FNaF:SL 2).

Anyway that's why I have doubts on this wikia, but if you still want me to adoopt it, I will. But I can't promise that I will do a good job.

So do you really want me to adopt this (let's face it) dying wikia, or do you change you mind?

I'm sorry if this bummed you out.

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