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  • Nekupe

    I have a problem, the laptop that I used for about 5 years now finally gave out on me.

    A cat threw it off of a dresser and it didn't get a scratch, the battery didn't work so it had to stay plugged in, and one of the hinges broke so it had to stay open all the time else the screen would break, but all of this happened 7 months ago and it still worked just fine.

    Now my laptop still functions, but the task bar no longer shows any icons (or will allow new ones to be added) the start menu no longer works no matter how many times I click on it (so I'm forced to use Ctrl+Alt+Delete just to turn it off), and it can no longer connect to the internet. Thankfully there is a file on my desktop so I can still access all of my pictures videos music and g…

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  • Nekupe

    To whom it may concern...

    February 1, 2017 by Nekupe

    I started writing a story. Chapter 1 is on devientart right now, but I want to do more with this.

    The story is called "Darkest Light" and chapter 1 is called... well you know...

    Let me know what you think of it?

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  • Nekupe

    Under new management.

    November 9, 2016 by Nekupe

    So it is now offical, I am the owner of this wiki.

    I do not intend on running this thing alone though, so I will be recruting the following people.


    Papa Crazy


    So do not fret, once I figure out how, I will. So be patiant.

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  • Nekupe


    October 26, 2016 by Nekupe

    Hello everyone, as some of you may already know, I've filed for adoption for this wikia. Now the reason why I've done this was because that, in all honesty, some of you requested me to do it.

    But here is the issue.

    I'm not quite sure I want too anymore. I mean really, I don't like it when vandalism strikes this page, but is that really enough to keep me intrested in a wikia dedicated to 1 thing alone?

    And that's basically what this is, a wikia for Sister Location. And while the game may still be fun, when everything is all said and done. When Everything is found and discovered and put on this site.

    That's, it.

    Game over, and that's probably why the original owner dipped out on this wikia in the first place.

    (either that or the vandalizm was too …

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  • Nekupe

    It's time to stop.

    October 10, 2016 by Nekupe

    This is just pathedic, this page is brand new and already there are people shitting on it. You need to make sure that people can't just make new pages just because they can, that should be reserved for mods. So mods, do something about it. Because the last page that was created went too far. Adding shit should be the mods job, passerbys should only have the power to alter things so they can turn 'i thnk wee sould git nu plann' into 'I think that we should get a new plan.' That is all ANYONE who isn't a mod should have the power to do. Not adding pictures, or adding pages, or even adding links.

    I hope you understand because adding shit like 'drink bleach' or 'porn' in ANY wikia is just childish and just down right stupid. I mean who does tha…

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