Adrian Conover

  • I live in lol Detroit
  • My occupation is Personal Wiki Worker
  • I am Male
  • Adrian Conover

    I decided to delete ALOT of images that don't match FNAF Sister Location's theme. That includes FNAF World Teaser files, which I assure: No FNAF World files as in the rules.

    Alo, I removed fanart and UT cringe. I'm not really sure on how to add unrelated files yet. However, just to keep this wikia organized, and I don't fuck up in the future.

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  • Adrian Conover

    back to editing lol

    October 23, 2016 by Adrian Conover

    well im back editing

    it's because i was busy for one week, and i started playing TF2, but eh, why not do some edits around here

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  • Adrian Conover


    October 13, 2016 by Adrian Conover

    The wiki is in order. That's great. Ever since I called in VSTF an EnnardTheForgotten got globally blocked.

    SO yeah, we've got a small band of editors, so that's a 1+.

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