Unused Circus Baby images

There is an image of Circus Baby in the game files, which has not been used in the Game.

Glass Pressure Warning

There is an audio clip of the Female AI Voice telling the player not to push against the Circus Gallery's glass.

Glass pressure
 "Glass pressure trigger. Please do not push against the glass."

Birthday Party Schedule

On Ennard's First Teaser in the source code was a schedule for both Chica's Party World and Circus Baby's Pizza World. This has no significance in the game as of knowing.

Ballora staring into the Control Module

There is an unused file of Ballora staring at the player with her faceplates open when you shock her in the Primary Control Module. It has not been seen in the game.

Old Vent Covering

In the game files, it can be found that the vents in the Primary Control Module were once covered by metal bars. The old vent covering was also strangely used in the blueprint for the Primary Control Module too.

Unused Content


  • The "Circus Baby's Breaking the Glass" feature might be a possible reference to Five Nights at Candy's when Blank is breaking the glass.
    • FNaC is one of the most popular of FNaF fangames; Scott himself even was impressed with it.

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