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Are you looking for her father William Afton? Or her brother Michael Afton?

Daddy isn't watching.
— Pre-Night 5

"The Daughter" (also known as Willam Afton's Daughter, and in some theories, Charlie Afton in the novel series), is a minor but pivotal character in Sister Location. Circus Baby was created for her by her father, William Afton. She is William's daughter and Michael's little sister.


This character only appears in the Death Minigame in Sister Location, and you can hear her voice at the start of every night in the PC version and the real ending (and in the Fake Ending). The only time we see her, she is wearing a pink blouse, a red head bow, blue skirt and black shoes. She has light orange hair and green eyes.

Before the Events of Sister Location

Through the early years of Circus Baby's Pizza World, her father designs an animatronic supposedly for his daughter, and calls it Circus Baby. She is forbidden to go near her, however.


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Baby Attack Big

Circus Baby killing Her.

During her birthday party at Circus Baby's Pizza World, she goes against her father's wishes and approaches Circus Baby, who ends up luring her closer using ice cream, and killing her. In the minigame, it shows Baby swallowing her with what seems to be a giant claw protruding from her chest, though it could be anything. Baby says that, because the kids were screaming and cheering so loudly for the other animatronics, no one could hear her dying over their own excitement, according to Circus Baby, who told the story if the player goes against what HandUnit instructs and goes to Circus Control and under the desk on Night 3.

Golden Freddy V.Hard Cutscene

She is mentioned by her brother Michael, when he is telling his father he found her, he put her back together and set her free, possibly from inside Baby. She also seems to bring Michael back to life through her voice, saying over and over..."You won't die. You won't die".

Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Her room can be found in the Afton's house on Night 2, with a destroy Mangle in the room.

Sister Location Dialogue

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Daddy, why won't you let me play with her?
— Night 1
DaughterLine 1

Daddy, you let the other children go see her! Why won't you let me go?
— Night 2
DaughterLine 2

Daddy, just once let me go play with her! She's so pretty and shiny! Didn't you make her just for me?
— Night 3
DaughterLine 3

Daddy she can make balloons! Have you seen her make balloons? Oh, daddy let me go to her!
— Night 4
DaughterLine 4

Daddy isn't watching.
— Night 5
DaughterLine 5

Don't tell daddy that I'm here. I've been wanting to watch a show too. I don't know why he won't let me come see you, you're wonderful! Where did the other children go?
— Real Ending
DaughterLine 6




We need you so that we can hide! We need you so that we can leave...!

I don't understand..., I don't understand!

I know it was an accident!

Everything is okay. I'm still here.

You have to let me inside the room!

Isn't this why you came here? To be with me again?


  • Her consciousness is still inside of Circus Baby, as seen in Night 5, in the Private Room, when Ennard switches their voice from Circus Baby's to the daughter's, trying to get the player to let him in the room.
  • She seems to be a very strong spirit as she could be haunting all of the animatronics or even the entire facility of Circus Baby's entertainment and rental.


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