ScottGames is Scott Cawthon's main website. He teased all the FNaF games, including FNaF World for a while before making Scott was using Scottgames for teasers for FNaF: The Twisted Ones.

Scott Cawthon used to put up information for many of his games (like The Pilgrim's Progress), but starting from the FNaF 2's teasers in 2014, he has put up teasers only for FNaF related content. 

The first Sister Location teaser appeared on the website in April 2016.

Usually, important secrets can be found when some of Scott's teasers are brightened.

The most recent update has been in the source code, for and, that says "What is paragraph 4?" This is referring to the FNaF Tycoon game, that Scott mentioned.

FNaF's 2nd Anniversary

FNaF: Sister Location Teasers

Dark Teasers


FNaF 6's Teaser

FNaF's 3rd Anniversary



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