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Were you looking for information on Michael's Father, William Afton or his sister, Elizabeth?

Father, it's me, Michael.
— Golden Freddy V. Hard Cutscene

Michael Afton (also known as Mike and Eggs Benedict in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location) is the son of William Afton and the brother of Elizabeth Afton and the FNaF 4 Crying Child. He is the technician of Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental, the Nightguard of Freddy's Fazbear Pizza, and the Owner/Manager of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria.


Michael Afton is only ever seen in various minigames throughout Five Nights at Freddy's 4 and Sister Location.

In Five Nights at Freddy's 6, he isn't seen but is the manager working there.

In the four secret Custom Night minigames, Michael Afton's appearance is shown, a Caucasian man with blue eyes, a large grin, a purple shirt, and blue trousers. Over time the cutscenes show him decaying from the robotic parts inside of him. He is ends up as a rotten purple-colored guy with bright white eyes.


His background is mostly told via silent actions within retro-graphics, or by reading between the lines throughout the games. Between his minigame presence and piecing together information gleaned from the phone calls as well as the posters in Five Nights at Freddy's, the community has been able to piece together some information about Michael. He seems to have good intentions but has ended up on the dark side of the story due to his father's actions.

Michael Afton's motives for his actions after Sister Location is to fix his father's actions and set the children's spirit free.

Role in Sister Location


Of course, the name "Eggs Benedict" was given due to the malfunction of the keypad leading HandUnit to make up a joke name to call the player. His true name is not in fact "Eggs Benedict".

It was revealed in the final cutscene of Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location, that the player's true identity is probably in fact Michael Afton, the son of William Afton. In the cutscene, he says he came to Circus Baby's to find his sister, Elizabeth possessing Circus Baby, and to put her back together. Apparently, he succeeded in his task, and set her free but gets killed in the process.


He is the technician of Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental and by extension, Circus Baby's Pizza World. He has been revealed to be the player in the final cutscene of Custom Night, where he seems to have a British accent.

In Sister Location, Michael is instructed by his father to go to the underground facilities and find his sister. This implies that William Afton is aware of the souls of the children staying behind, and knows his daughter's soul is within Circus Baby. After Ennard uses Michael's body as a vessel to escape the distribution center, Michael is, for reasons unknown, revived and becomes a Purple Guy.


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After beating a Custom Night preset on Very Hard mode, you will be greeted to a secret minigame, which shows the events after Ennard had been stuffed inside of Michael.

In the first minigame, Michael looks like a normal man, wearing a purple shirt and blue pants. The people around him wave cheerfully.

In the second minigame, everything is the same just with him having a minor skin color change from tan-pink to tan. The people around him continue to wave cheerfully.

In the third minigame, Michael's skin seems to be more of a green color. The first person he walks past has a bewildered expression on his face. The rest are normal, just waving happily like nothing happened.

In the fourth minigame, Michael's skin becomes a darker greenish-brown; his eyes are also now completely black. The last three people he walks by give him a look of confusion.

In the fifth minigame, he looks much more decrepit than he did in the past minigames, with a strange glowing in one eye. Everyone around him appears very concerned.

In the sixth minigame, his skin has turned a dull purple, now having a white glow in both of his eyes. He also acts to be more senile and less lively than he was before. There are much fewer people around him and one of them is hiding behind their house in fear.

In the last minigame, he is hunched over and his skin is a dark purple color. His appearance is now very reminiscent of purple guy. Everyone around him has hidden behind their houses in dread and fear.

Eventually, his body has a spasm, and he regurgitates the robotic parts belonging to Ennard into the sewer. He lies on the ground, presumably dead. The player then hears Circus Baby's voice repeating the words, "you won't die." Michael then gets revived while all of the animatronics' eyes show up in the entrance of the sewer.

All New Cutscenes - Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location Custom Night "Minigames"

All New Cutscenes - Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location Custom Night "Minigames"

All Seven Cutscenes from FNaF Sister Location Custom Night. Enjoy! Scooped dude lives? Ennard is out there somewhere? Sewer time?

Golden Freddy V. Hard Cutscene

After beating V. Hard Golden Freddy mode, Michael Afton, speaks to his father William Afton.

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Father. It's me, Michael. I did it. I found it. It was right where you said it would be. They were all there. They didn't recognize at first but then they thought I was you. And I found her. I put her back together, just like you asked me to. She's free now. But something is wrong with me. I should be dead. But I'm not. I've been living in shadows. There is only one thing left for me to do now. I'm going to come find you. I'm going to come find you.
After this, Springtrap walks in for a second before the screen goes black. Looking in the background, you see the words "Fazbear's Fright."



  • When you finish the Custom Night challenges on the hardest difficulty, you will be rewarded with a cutscene that shows what happened to Eggs Benedict after the Real Ending.
Sister Location OST- Demolition Inevitable

Sister Location OST- Demolition Inevitable

The music that plays during the V. Hard Golden Freddy Cutscene.

  • For the longest time, Michael Afton was thought to be the same entity as William Afton, but it was figured out in the V. Hard Golden Freddy cutscene that he was not.
  • Michael Afton seems to be fixing the mistakes that his father, William Afton, made.
  • Sister Location is the first game to have more than 2 frames for Michael's sprite.
  • Michael is the second protagonist to die in the Five Nights at Freddy's series, the first being his little brother from Five Nights at Freddy's 4's minigames.
    • Not counting minigames, Michael is the only protagonist to canonically die.
  • In FNaF: Survival Logbook, it’s revealed that Michael knows about Nightmare Fredbear.
  • Eggs Benedict's name is actually a type of breakfast meal.
    • Benedict is a byword for Betrayal and Treason.
  • His appearance in the mirror in the "real" ending appears to be a blacked-out image of Rick Astley from his infamous 1987 music video "Never Gonna Give You Up".[1]
    • 1987 is also the year that the "Bite of '87" supposedly took place.


Description Audio
The audio that plays when Michael pukes Ennard up.
The sound of Michael getting scooped in the Real Ending.
The sound of Michael walking in Funtime Auditorium and Ballora Gallery.
Crawl patter2
The sound of Michael running in Funtime Auditorium and Ballora Gallery.
Crawl patter3
The sound of the Michael going through the vent slowly.
Metal duct slow
The sound of the Michael going through the vent fast.
Metal duct fast


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