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Howdy!, I'm the bureaucrat for the FNaF Sister Location Wikia. Enjoy your stay while you watch Funtime Foxy while peeking at my threads, making one, or simply commenting on one. Also please don't annoy me constandly with things the admins can do.
Funtime Foxy's Full Body
FNAFSL Funtime Foxy Onstage
Funtime Foxy (FNaF World)
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  • I just wanted to say hi

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  • ^^^

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  • So you can read from the title about how can i upload a avatar but how can i also agree with google for signing into youtube

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  • Title says it all. I don't know how to get rid of this damn thing called "my profile" 

    You wouldn't know how to do that, would you? And if so, please, tell me how. Thank You.

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  • Hi kingalex105x 

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  • H


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  • How to edit my message wall?

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  • I Found you here

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  • help me get unbanned from psycho kid wiki and south paRK WIKI. if u dont help ill report u to fandom

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    HackerMaster21 closed this thread because:
    21:22, January 13, 2018
  • This is Chen from FANDOM. We received a report from users on this wiki and it claims that some discussion moderators may abuse their admin power here. This is the blocked user list that needs to be addressed:

    I'm seeing one of our global discussion moderators also got blocked with the reason "im just not gonna let this happen". This cannot be used as a strong statement or reason to conduct a local block on any wiki. As a bureaucrat, would you mind talking to all discussion moderators and address this issue? Any block must follow the community guidelines and policies and should not be conducted with a personal favor or an unclear reason. If moderators abuse their admin tools or their admin power, we may remove their specific admin right at some point. Thanks for your help in advance to deal with this situation!

    Chen @fandom 19:42, January 10, 2018 (UTC)

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    • Cal-Boy wrote:

      Nightmare Springbear wrote: Is it allowed to block someone from your wiki(if they have visted it) for defacing a mod or admin on one wiki you run(Not the same wiki, say blocking someone here for defacing and another wiki you run that they VISIT and contribute to!) or am mod for and another wiki no one visits? Say.. Someone spreads lies about you to try and ruin your reputation for stuff you didn't do and saying you are the reason they are leaving the wikis forever, to try and get people to hate you?

      Hi Nightmare Springbear!

      Let's put it this way: you can only block people if you think they have done something violating the policy/ guidelines of the community or FANDOM's Terms of Use. If any words they put here are offensive or you think it's sort of harassment, you can report to our staff via Special:Contact and we will look into it. However, if people lie on something or behave unfriendly, I would suggest to leave them alone. You may not make an agreement with people who don't like you so leaving them alone and focusing on why you are here on FANDOM: making good content, adding contributions, attracting more fans, and building your own community. We can not be liked by everyone but we can get support and respect from most people. That's already a big win. There are some users who may not agree with our staff or may not like us either, but we do not argue with them to prove who is right or wrong. We just do our best to serve the community in the way we think is right and leave the arguments behind us. We do not block them just because they say something bad about us. Everyone has freedom to express their feelings and thoughts, but we leave that to public to decide what is right or wrong. That's it. Hope this helps!

      I meant more, lying about stuff I did to make people hate me or harass me sorta thing. Defacing me and trying to ruin my reputation. Like saying "I'm leaving wiki forever because X told me all my things were stolen and theyre afraid of me!" sorta lying. The ones that want people to LEGIT hate you and talk bad about you or in some cases, harass you about it. They were attempting to do it, but they posted it on a wiki no one checks recent activity thankfully. But, they also posted a similar post on THIS wiki trying to make people hate by saying things such as "They act afraid of me" and "Why dont we even stop him", key words "stop him". Trying to bait harrassment.

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    • I dont mind if someone talks shit about me, but its when they LIE to make people who dont know the conversation to hate or harass me over me "forcing them to leave" or "making the admins block them".

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    • A FANDOM user
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