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These items below are the confirmed merchandise and toys for Sister Location and it includes the following:


Action figures

POP! Vinyl Figure

  • Circus Baby POP! Vinyl Figure

    The new Vinyls.

  • Ballora POP! Vinyl Figure
  • Funtime Freddy POP! Vinyl Figure
  • Funtime Foxy POP! Vinyl Figure

Mystery Minis

  • Circus Baby Mystery Mini

    Sister Location 2018 Calendar.

  • Ennard Mystery Mini
  • Funtime Freddy Mystery Mini
  • Funtime Foxy Mystery Mini
  • Ballora Mystery Mini


  • Circus Control Construction Set
  • Funtime Freddy Stage Right Contstruction Set
  • Funtime Foxy Stage Left Construction Set


  • Sister Location "Get Ready" Poster
  • Sister Location Sticker Sheet


  • Sister Location Calendar
  • The Funtimes Poster
  • Circus Baby & her Bidybabs Poster
  • Funtime Freddy & Bon-Bon Poster
  • Funtime Foxy Poster
  • Sister Location Wallet


Minifigures and Pops

Action Figures

Posters, Sets, & Other

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