These items below are the confirmed merchandise and toys for Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location and it includes the following:


Action figures

  • Circus Baby Action Figure
  • Ballora Action Figure
  • Funtime Freddy Action Figure (including Bon-Bon)
  • Funtime Foxy Action Figure
  • Ennard Action Figure (pieces collected from purchasing all four main action figures)
  • Lolbit Action Figure (Walgreens exclusive)
  • Glow-in-the-dark Circus Baby Action Figure (Walgreens exclusive)
  • Sister Location Collectible Vinyl Figure Set

POP! Vinyl Figures


The new Vinyls.

  • Circus Baby POP! Vinyl Figure
  • Jumpscare Circus Baby POP! SDCC exclusive Vinyl Figure (Walmart exclusive)
  • Ballora POP! Vinyl Figure
  • Jumpscare Ballora POP! Chase Vinyl Figure
  • Funtime Freddy POP! Vinyl Figure
  • Jumpscare Funtime Freddy POP! Chase Vinyl Figure
  • Funtime Foxy POP! Vinyl Figure
  • Jumpscare Funtime Foxy POP! SDCC exclusive Vinyl Figure (Hot Topic exclusive)
  • Bon-Bon POP! Vinyl Figure (Gamestop Exclusive)
  • Lolbit POP! (NYCC 2017 & Toys"R"Us Exclusive)

Sister Location 2018 Calendar.

Mystery Minis

  • Circus Baby Mystery Mini
  • Ennard Mystery Mini
  • Funtime Freddy Mystery Mini
  • Funtime Foxy Mystery Mini
  • Ballora Mystery Mini
  • Stacked Minireenas Mystery Mini (Toys"R"Us Exclusive)
  • Jumpscare Circus Baby Mystery Mini (Walmart Exclusive)
  • Jumpscare Ballora Mystery Mini (Walmart Exclusive)
  • Jumpscare Funtime Freddy Mystery Mini (Walmart Exclusive)
  • Jumpscare Funtime Foxy Mystery Mini (Toys"R"US Exclusive)
  • Jumpscare Bidybab Mystery Mini (Toys"R"Us Exclusive)
  • Jumpscare? Ennard Mystery Mini
  • Yenndo Mystery Mini
  • Bon-Bon Mystery Mini
  • Magician Toy Mystery Mini
  • Little Joe/Lally Mystery Mini

Plush Toys

  • Plush Circus Baby
  • Plush Funtime Freddy(with Plush Bon-Bon/Bonnie Hand Puppet-Plush Adventure Bonnie)
  • Plush Funtime Foxy
  • Plush Ballora
  • Plush Ennard
  • Plush Bonnet(Walmart Exclusive)
  • Plush Funtime Lolbit (Target Exclusive)
  • Plush Exotic Butters(Hot Topic Exclusive)


  • Sister Location pint sized heroes
  • Funtime Foxy Lanyard
  • Funtime Freddy Lanyard
  • Ennard Super Racer
  • Lolbit Super Racer
  • Fredbear plush (referred to as Golden Freddy on the website) Super Racer


  • Circus Control with Circus Baby Construction Set
  • Right Stage with Funtime Freddy(with Bon-Bon/Bonnie Hand Puppet-Plushy Adventure Bonnie) Contstruction Set
  • Left Stage with Funtime Foxy Construction Set
  • Primary Control Module with Ballora,Jumpscare Funtime Foxy(Open Faceplate) and Bidybab Construction Set(Upcoming)
  • Scooping Room with Ennard Construction Set(Upcoming)
  • Private/Secret Room with Yenndo(Funtime Freddy Endoskeleton) and Funtime Lolbit Construction Set(Only @ GameStop Exclusive)

An upcoming poster.


  • Sister Location "Get Ready" Poster
  • Sister Location Sticker Sheet


  • Sister Location Calendar
  • The Funtimes Poster
  • Circus Baby & her Bidybabs Poster
  • Funtime Freddy & Bon-Bon Poster
  • Funtime Foxy Poster
  • Sister Location Wallet
  • Sister Location Hats


Minifigures and Pops

Action Figures

Posters, Sets, & Other

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