Afton Robotics Inc.Amber Lee ConnorsAndy Field
Angry BalletBaby (disambiguation)Ballora
Ballora/GalleryBallora (disambiguation)Ballora Gallery
Becky ShrimptonBidyBabBob Barnes
Bon-BonBonnetBottom Shelf
Breaker RoomBrenda Joan WongCAM 01
CAM 02CAM 03CAM 04
CAM 05CAM 06CAM 07
Camera SystemsChica's Party WorldChristopher McCullough
Circus BabyCircus Baby's Entertainment and RentalCircus Baby's Pizza World
Circus Baby/GalleryCircus Baby MinigameCircus Control
Circus GalleryClaraControlled Shock Keypad
Controls/SymbolsCupcake ChallengeCustom Night
CutscenesDolls, Attack!Easter Eggs
Eggs BenedictElectrobabElevator
EnnardEnnard/GalleryExotic Butters
Extras MenuFNaF: SL (Mobile)FNaF Sister Location Wikia
Female Computer VoiceFive Nights at Freddy's: Sister LocationFlash Beacon
FlashlightFredbear PlushFreddy & Co.
Funtime AuditoriumFuntime FoxyFuntime Foxy/Gallery
Funtime Foxy (disambiguation)Funtime FreddyFuntime Freddy/Gallery
Funtime Freddy (disambiguation)Funtime FrenzyFuntime Lolbit
Girls' NightGolden FreddyGolden Freddy Cutscene
HandUnitHandUnit's KeypadHandUnit's Preferences
Heather MastersJason KappusJesse Adam
John MatthewJulie ShieldsJumpscares
Kellen GoffLeon RiskinMerchandise
Michael AftonMichael Afton's HomeMichael Afton Cutscenes
Michella MossMinireenaMinireena 2
Minor CharactersNight 1Night 2
Night 3Night 4Night 5
OST/AmbianceOpening CutscenePJ Heywood
Parts/ServicePrimary Control ModulePrivate Room
Private Room/GalleryRegistered BotsRules & Guidelines
Scooping RoomScott
SpringtrapStaff MembersTeaser Findings
The DaughterThe Immortal and The RestlessThe Springlock Suit
Top ShelfUnder The DeskUnused Features
VentsVladVoice Actors
WeirdosWilliam AftonYenndo
Zehra Jane Naqvi

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