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A list of all jumpscares from Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location.


Last Frames


  • Funtime Freddy does not attack in Custom Night, but instead, he sends Bon-Bon to attack you.
  • None of the animatronic's jumpscares from Custom Night open its' faceplates, excluding BidyBab.
  • Circus Baby is the only animatronic to not have a jumpscare in FNaF SL. She only has a jumpscare in the trailer.
  • Bidybab's jumpscare on Custom Night is exactly the same as in the main game but just with better lighting.
  • Ennard is the only animatronic in the entire FNaF Series to have 4 individual jumpscares.
  • Bonnet's jumpscare is exactly the same as Bon-Bon's jumpscare, but just recolored variation including the eyes.
  • Bon-Bon is the only character to not have its jumpscare changed in Custom Night.
  • The jumpscares in custom night have improved quality from the main game.
  • The only difference between the 2 BidyBab jump scares is that in the actual game, you only have your flashlight to see it.
  • You can almost see BidyBab's entire endoskeleton when it is jumpscaring you in Custom Night and Under the Desk.
  • Minireena strangely has amber eyes when it jumpscares you.
    • This is the only time Minireena has eyes.

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