The contents for Custom Night, FNaF World and The Novels are non-canon sources, and thus, have no bearing on the official lore of the game series.
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L-O-L, Please Stand By.
— Funtime Lolbit's intermission & message on keypad, Custom Night

Lolbit is an easter egg, which also appears as an antagonist in Custom Night. It's the Funtime version of Lolbit from FNaF World, the only FNaF game that is not part of the main series.


Lolbit's appearance is very similar to Funtime Foxy, it mainly being a recolored version of Funtime Foxy.

Lolbit's face splits into five parts, all of which don't seem capable of movement. The first split runs directly down the center of its face with the second running through the center of its eyes, segmenting its face into four different parts in addition to its immobile lower jaw.

Its facial features greatly resemble Funtime Foxy, with a few recolors. Lolbit's blush and lipstick are purple, as opposed to Funtime Foxy's pink facial features. It also has a orange snout with three small dots and a smallish black nose. Lolbit is also missing eyebrows.

Lolbit's ears have a orange center lined at the edges with a white outline. It also has three tufts of fur on its head and has eyes with white pupils with black around.


In Custom Night, Funtime Lolbit appears on the computer screens, and the player must type L-O-L on their keyboard or on the keypad in the office to get rid of it. If the player fails to do this, an intermission will appear reading "PLEASE STAND BY" with Lolbit's face, similar to a TV error.

There is also an easter egg in which a Lolbit's mask will replace the Ennard's mask in Primary Control Module.


  • In the Custom Night you have to type "LOL" on your keyboard or the in game keypad in order to prevent Funtime Lolbit's intermission.
  • Lolbit was first featured in FNaF World, but then showed up in Sister Location as an easter egg in which Lolbit's mask replaces Ennard's in the Primary Control Module. Also it was in Custom Night.
  • Lolbit's gender is still debated, like Funtime Foxy's.
  • Lolbit's faceplates are never shown to be open.
    • It is unknown if Lolbit can even open its faceplates, as it never opens them in game.
    • Also, Lolbit's endoskeleton and lower body haven't been shown either in SL.
      • Although Lolbit is shown to have a body in FNaF World.
  • When Lolbit appears it will sometimes immediately jumpscare the player, play its intermission, without going through its 3 stages in the monitors.
  • Lolbit's Intermission is almost like a death screen, except it doesn't kill the player, and is only for distracting the player's view. It uses a similar tactic to the Minireenas' second counterpart.
  • Lolbit is partially canon with its appearance in the Primary Control Module being canon, while its appearance in Custom Night not being canon.


The sound Lolbit's intermission makes when it shows up.