Were you looking for the Flashlight instead?

Flash Beacon in use, illuminating the entry to the Parts and Service

You have been provided with a flash beacon.
-HandUnit, Night 3

The Flash Beacon is a mechanic in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. It is used as a light source for the player while they go through Funtime Auditorium.

Role in Sister Location

In Night 3, HandUnit lets the player know they have been provided with a flash beacon for when they go through Funtime Auditorium, but they should use it as sparingly as possible. The player clicks SPACE to activate the flash beacon, as to keep track of the whereabouts of Funtime Foxy, but must not use it too much (as it may attract Foxy due to it's Light Activation Sensor). The beacon is also used in Night 5, although if it is used when following Baby's instructions, the player will be jumpscared by Ennard.