Access Granted
— when successfully entering the Private Room

The Female Computer Voice is an A.I. voice heard whenever a vent is opened or has motion detected inside of it. She is voiced by Julie Shields. She also speaks when the power goes out and when accessing the private room.

Vent Dialogue


Circus gallery


Funtime auditorium

Room Dialogue

  • Motion Trigger- Breaker Room
Break room

(This plays when you enter the Breaker Room.)

  • Motion Trigger - Parts and Service
Parts and service

(This plays when you enter Parts/Service.)

  • Motion Trigger - Technician Control
Technicial control

(This plays when you enter Primary Control Module or Circus Control.)

Private Room Dialogue

  • Access Granted
(This plays when you enter the Private Room with the keycard.)
  • Access Denied

(This plays when you try to enter the Private Room without the keycard or click on a Maintenance Vent without it opened.)

Unused Dialogue

  • Glass Pressure trigger - Please do not push against the glass.
Glass pressure

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