Were you looking for Circus Baby's counterpart from FNaF World?

Circus Baby has several different counterparts in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

Menu CircusBaby

The Torment won't stop.


  • Circus Baby: The main animatronic of "Circus Baby's Pizza World".
  • Ennard: A combination of all of the animatronic's endoskeletons, including Baby's.
  • BidyBab: Mini companion of Circus Baby.
  • Electrobab: The redesign variant of BidyBab.



Circus Baby with her Bidybabs in the Extras Menu.


  • Circus Baby Minigame, A "Death Minigame" that shows an event that has a huge impact on the story of Sister Location.
  • Chica's Magic Rainbow Ending, A Minigame from FNaF World that shows Circus Baby killing her creator "Desk Man".
  • Michael Afton Cutscenes, which is in the style of minigames that play after you beat Custom Night presets on very hard mode, it shows an event of Baby (now fusion together with the others to make Ennard) after escape from Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental.

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