Angry Ballet is a preset game mode for Custom Night in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location.

In this mode, you must deal with Ballora and both of the Minireena variations.


  • Since this game mode has Ballora in it, it's required that you use headphones to listen for her music correctly to avoid dying.
    • However, in the mobile version the music is always at the left (if you used headphones) even if Ballora is at the left or the right. The player must look at the doors for warning signs meaning that Ballora is there.
  • If you see your oxygen levels going down, zap the Minireenas immediately, when zapped, they disappear. The Minireenas that appear on your screen are not a big deal and just serve as a distraction to the player.
    Angry Ballet

    Angry Ballet as seen in Custom Night.


  • This game mode is one of the easiest, as only Ballora has the potential of killing the player. Both Minireena versions are just distractions to the player.
  • This mode can be beaten with the oxygen level being low as only listening to Ballora is key in this preset.
  • This Custom Night only includes the animatronics of Ballora Gallery.
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